Edwanex Wins Formes de Luxe Awards 2023

Some time ago Edwanex started an interesting and challenging cooperation with Belvedere Vodka. It resulted in the creation of an elegant bottle with an unusual shape. This original glass packaging has won the prestigious Formes de Luxe Awards 2023 in the “Wine & Spirits Bottle” category! What makes the phenomenal Belvedere 10 bottle stand out? Get to know the story behind its creation.

A Symbol of Excellence for Exceptional People

Belvedere 10 is a luxury vodka in an equally luxurious packaging. The eye-catching bottle is an icon of style and sophistication. The sheer beauty and pure elegance combined in a harmonious form.

The shape of the glass bottle is immensely impressive. As the team of experts in Edwanex has fully mastered the demanding art of glassmaking, they were able to achieve an effect that seemed impossible at the beginning – the exceptionally slim bottle. Its surface consists of as many as 360 triangles creating 1,540 edges.

The slim glass packaging of Belvedere 10 is in snow-white tones to emphasize the impeccability and highest purity of the drink. The whole shape looks like a carved statuette, a sublime trophy for someone special.

The Meaning of the Number 10

Why Belvedere 10? Why is there such a number in the name of this elegant product? There are two reasons behind it. First of all, the Belvedere Distillery was established in 1910. The inspiration for the present-day alcohol in this luxurious bottle comes from a recipe from that time. Secondly, the drink undergoes a ten-step production process to get perfect aroma and clarity.

Moreover, the narrow bottle consists of ten levels. In addition, at the very top of the bottle, on the carefully crafted cork, there is the “Belvedere 10” logo. The enlarged number 10 appears like a mysterious code whose meaning is known only to a closed group of people.

The Diamond in the Crown of the Belvedere Brand

This stunning bottle holds more surprises that emphasize its exclusivity. On the neck, there is a fine decoration in the form of a gold ring with a discreetly engraved Belvedere logo. Just remove the cork during tasting to fully admire the beauty of this subtle detail.

The edges and bends that decorate the entire bottle resemble a precise cut on a precious diamond. Thus, it is no surprise that this extraordinary Belvedere jewel is packed as high-class diamonds – in a black suede bag.

Everything With Ecology in Mind

This unique packaging was designed with a deep concern for ecological issues, which are close to the hearts of the organizers of Formes de Luxe, too. All raw materials used in the glass production process are of natural origin and are safe for the environment. They do not disturb the ecological balance and are 100% recyclable.

In addition, the Edwanex glass factory processes by-products generated during glass production into a glass cullet, which is added to the rest of the ingredients and melted into a glass mass. Such in-house glass recycling means significant savings in raw materials and energy.

The Award Presented During Luxe Pack Monaco

When the Belvedere 10 bottle was nominated for Formes de Luxe 2023, everyone in Edwanex kept their fingers crossed for success. It worked! The results were announced on October 2, 2023, during the Luxe Pack Monaco luxury packaging fair, where Edwanex was an exhibitor. The jury appreciated the unique design, hard work, and skills, thanks to which the original idea became a reality.

Everyone in this Polish glass facility will always remember the demanding and at the same time very satisfying cooperation with Belvedere. The Edwanex team would like to thank their extraordinary partner for the trust!

This is Edwanex’s second win in the Formes de Luxe luxury packaging competition. Previously, the glass manufacturer won an award in 2020 in the “Most Innovative Luxury Packaging for Premium Alcohol” category. The captivating beauty of the White Feather bottle brought the distinction. Edwanex promises not to rest on its laurels and will try to get nominations in the subsequent editions.

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