Interview with Daniel Wąsikowski, CEO of Edwanex

Mr. Daniel. Edwanex has been operating on the market since 1977. Could you please provide some insights into the history of the company’s establishment and growth?

Edwanex is a family company with many years of tradition. My father, Edward Wąsikowski, has been working in the industry as a glass technologist since 1966. In 1977 he decided to start his own business. We gradually increased production. Edwanex Glassworks became an important player on the domestic and then foreign markets. We gained more and more competences in the production of complex forms and specialist knowledge in the field of decorating glass packaging. We have proven ourselves many times as a partner to leaders in the spirits industry. The first major cooperation of this type took place in 2005, when we produced first models of vodka bottles for Ultimat. We efficiently implemented the client’s vision, resulting in a distinctive product. Later, other brands that wanted to be unique started to apply.

The first major transition in Edwanex’s history occurred when you took over the company from your father in 2019?

Yes, that is correct. I took over the reins from my father in 2019. I became the head of the company to give it a new direction, largely focused on taking full advantage of opportunities emerging in the business environment.

How do you define ‘chances’ in the context of your business?

I thought that these were primarily the growing needs and ambitions of our clients. Over the years, we have proven ourselves as masters of our profession when we talk about the production of packaging glass and its processing. We have developed valuable business relationships and the credibility of our brand on the market of luxury alcohol producers. We decided to focus on this direction and develop competencies in this area, within our industry contacts. Currently, we mainly produce exclusive bottles with a refined shape. We provide short production runs, which meets market requirements. The client comes to us with his own project. He is looking for someone who will effectively implement his complex and demanding concept. We are one of the few companies that provide such services.

What competencies distinguish Edwanex in this case?

We think of ourselves more as a design company carrying out interesting projects than as a glassworks. What sets Edwanex apart in this regard are our design capabilities. We approach glass not just as a material but as a medium. We can give glass a complex, unique, unusual shape, while ensuring functionality. We take on challenges that many other players have not met. We implement projects that are difficult and sometimes almost impossible to complete. We started to approach our clients’ vision differently. Less as a producer, and more as a partner helping to solve a problem and successfully implement a specific idea. Our special feature is great flexibility in terms of production batch size. Customers know that when we undertake an ambitious project, we believe it is fully feasible. Thanks to our support, they can introduce a unique product to the market in a packaging that arouses admiration and envy.

What about the quality of the glass itself? What makes it stand out on the market?

We use carefully selected types of sand, which serve as the foundation for our high-quality glass. Our glass meets the highest standards, with a third hydrolytic class rating and the super flint classification for color.

For which brands has Edwanex carried out projects?

We have started partnership with famous producers of luxury alcohol. I have already talked about the Ultimat brand. In addition, we have carried out projects for White Feather, Bartex, Żytnia, and recently for Belvedere. I can’t tell you about some of the collaborations yet, but I assure you that there will be something to admire.

During the development and change of strategy, Edwanex became one of the leading independent players in its segment. What do you consider to be your most important achievements?

One of our most significant achievements was winning the prestigious Formes de Luxe award in 2020 for the innovative luxury packaging we created for White Feather. We put a lot of work into creating a characteristic cavity in the center of the bottle. I will also mention Belvedere, because thanks to this partnership we have won Formes de Luxe award again in 2023. The bottle for Belvedere is the most difficult project we have completed so far. It was a huge challenge to create complex edges on the entire surface. There are as many as 1,540 of them.

Why do you think large companies are currently looking for solutions provided by Edwanex?

In my opinion large companies seek out Edwanex’s solutions because they recognize the need for uniqueness and prestige in a highly competitive market. They understand that high-quality liquid alone is not enough, and that distinctive, expertly crafted packaging is essential to create a strong brand identity. We successfully realize these ambitions by providing rare and exceptional services.

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