Logistics Is the Key to Successful Cooperation – Edwanex Glassworks & V-One

Edwanex specializes in the production of glass packaging for premium alcohol brands. We manufacture high-quality glass that showcases all of the assets of an alcoholic beverage. We supply small production batches which is especially important for certain clients. When Kamień Distillery contacted us searching for a new manufacturer of bottles for their premium alcohol, we knew that we were able to come across their needs and expectations. Explore the details of our cooperation with the V-One brand.

V-One as a Premium Craft Alcohol Brand

V-One is a premium spell vodka manufactured with a slow distillation method. It has a mild and subtle taste and pleasant aroma which makes it a pure beverage of the highest quality. It comes in several flavors such as cucumber and vanilla.

Kamień Distillery established in 1882 stands behind this vodka brand. This is a family business with a longstanding tradition that now focuses on craft vodka creation. It skillfully combines the latest production technology with traditional methods of mash and distillate preparation. It uses carefully selected spell grains and crystal clear water from its own spring in Kamień. The owner with over 40 years of experience in the alcohol industry supervises the whole production process.  

Why Has the V-One Brand Established the Cooperation With Edwanex?

Kamień Distillery had previously cooperated with another supplier of glass bottles for premium alcoholic beverages. However, the quantities offered by the manufacturer turned out to be too big for the distillery in terms of logistical capacity. The distillery decided to search for a new glass manufacturer that would be able to offer glass in smaller batches, more adequate to the real needs. They used some networking among their peers in the business and they recommended us. 

The brand decided to contact us for several reasons. Firstly, we offered a lower cost of project implementation than the competitors. Secondly, it was urgent. The distillery wanted to run the first batch after three months of cooperation (which we agreed to do). Moreover, we offer small production batches per order and this solved an important logistical problem for our partner. Additionally, in terms of logistics, our company is located close to Kamień Distillery – which makes it easier to maintain direct contact and fast shipping. Furthermore, the premium spell vodka being the flagship product of V-One is so pure that it needs crystal clear glass packaging expressing the visual beauty of the alcohol. Thanks to the fact that our glass has the so-called super flint color it is possible to expose the quality of the liquid. At the same time, it has the third hydrolytic class which stands for high durability to chemical corrosion.

The Beginning of Cooperation Between Edwanex and the V-One Brand

When we started the cooperation with Kamień Distillery, it was easier for us at the beginning, because the bottle design had already existed. We only adjusted the technical drawing to our production technology and made some corrections with no influence on the shape of the glass packaging itself. Based on this, we made a 3D model, and after the client’s approval, we made a glass mold.

As mentioned before, the project was urgent for our partner so we had to speed up the manufacturing process but at the same time, we paid attention to the quality of the final products. Only 3 months passed since we had received the technical drawing from the client to run the first production batch which is impressive timing.

Characteristics of the Bottle Manufactured for the V-One Brand

An elegant slim bottle with a bold bottom. There is an embossed logo on the glass surface which makes the bottle even more special. There is also a wooden stopper on the top of it as the brand cares for the natural environment. 

The bottle is made of clear glass and has no decorations (except for the paper minimalistic labels) which makes it possible to see the whole beauty of the beverage. Such glass packaging emphasizes the premium character of the V-One alcohol.

Manufacturing of the V-One Bottle and Ecology

While manufacturing glass for our clients, including bottles for V-One, we emphasized the care for being eco-conscious. All the raw materials used in the production process are safe for the natural environment, fully recyclable, and do not disturb the ecological balance. Byproducts and faulty products are destroyed and added to the furnace during the glass melting process. In addition to that, we invest in solar energy and the latest technology to diminish gas emissions. 

Expanding the Scope of Services for the V-One Brand

Certainly, after delivering the first order, we have not rested on our laurels. We continued the cooperation and produced more 0,7 l bottles. In addition to that, the client placed an order for two other volumes: 0,5 liter and 1,75 liter. 

In the case of the 0.5-liter project, it was necessary to minimize the existing bottle. But, in the case of a 1,75-litre project, it was no longer so easy. Proportional scaling of the bottle was not the case here as the final shape of the bottle couldn’t exceed a certain height. Therefore, we created a new design that had different proportions to ensure a certain height and volume while keeping a similar shape to the packaging. 

Cooperation With Kamień Distillery Now

Our cooperation with Kamień Distillery has successfully existed since 2019 until now. We have manufactured so far about 200 thousand 0,7 liter bottles and we have also been manufacturing the two remaining types of packaging. The V-One brand has constantly been developing, creating new flavors, and entering new foreign markets, and we have had the pleasure of being there and watching.

The client recommended us to two other brands who needed a glass packaging manufacturer. This is pure evidence that they are satisfied with our cooperation and appreciate our unique skills in glass manufacturing.

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