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About Us

EDWANEX is a producer of the highest quality glass containers. It makes use of technology in the area of pressing, manual and semi-automatic production as well as ensures broad capabilities in decorating glass products.

Thanks to its knowledge, experience and family tradition, the company has prospered for over 40 years in Europe as well as in the USA, Mexico and Russia. Customer trust is based on a comprehensive, flexible and responsive model of cooperation.

EDWANEX is a guarantee of quality, safety and professional realization of advanced designs in short series. It limits the costs of designing, prototyping and implementation of advanced designs, together with punctual and advanced international logistics.

What makes us special?


Our team are people with many years of experience working in their field with passion.


We understand the situation of our partners and adjust to them in order to build long-term cooperation.


Edwanex guarantees quality, which is a result of an over 40-year tradition

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